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Our Covid-19 Response

Includes our safety precautions and your responsibilities as a passenger. 

Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic Protection Plan. 

As an essential service to W.R.Neals Express Transportation passengers. 

All our vehicles equipped with the disinfection equipment.

  • Chauffeur run protocol to disinfect the vehicle after each ride

  • Chauffeur has the mask on all the time during client in the vehicle.

  • We have replaced all the air filter in our vehicle with brand new N-95 like a filter

  • You will have the ability to use the climate control system or have the window open for fresh air.

  • Chauffeur will keep the environment control on to make sure the air purifier.

  • Each vehicle by the end of the day being disinfected using UV light disinfection technology

  • Vehicle washed by soap and water from outside and vacuumed every day.

  • Before every ride, chauffeur disinfects the vehicle before having a client on board.

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